Transmitted Through Water, This New Disease Is A Silent Killer Of Dogs. It Can Infect Humans Too!

Usually when your pet gets sick, you dont think about becoming infected yourself, unless it is something serious like rabies.

But theres something out there that causes a significant risk for not just dogs but their human owners as well, and few people have heard of it. The disease is called Leptospirosis.

Winston suddenly became seriously ill. Gwen Taylor took her beloved dog to the the vet where they found out that indeed, Winston had leptospirosis. Sadly, there was no chance of recovery and they had to put the dog down. Thats how devastating this disease can be. Its important to take preventive measures and notice the potential warning signs. Its contracted through the urine of livestock, wildlife and rodents. Most of the time dogs will come in contact with it by drinking from lakes, rivers, or puddles.

But also eating the grass can be a form of transmission. The signs are vomiting, diarrhea, an increase in thirst and urination, fever, blood in urine, and fatigue. You should go to the vet immediately if these signs appear. A vaccine is available, but in can be dangerous due to the side effects and is not recommended.

So the next time you take your dog outside, be careful about the water they drink or the grass they eat, especially if its around livestock. It’s especially important to take notice since this disease can affect humans as well.

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