Troublemaker Cat Is Finally Given A Forever Home

I adopted my second cat, Gandalf,when he was 6months old. At that point in his life, the poor thing had been passed around from home to home because the kid who initially adopted him bought him as a present for someone else.

Of course, pets only make great gifts if you know the recipient is a responsible person that will love and care for the animal. For my little Gandalf, that wasn’t the case. By the time he got to me, he was untrusting and scared of just about everything.

He had problems going to the bathroom in the right place and he’d tear into anything he could get his little paws on. Regardless of his bad behavior, I never gave up on him. It took a full year before he adjusted to living with me, but he knows this is his forever home and all his behavioral problems have faded away.

So, when I came across the story of Kitty the cat, it really hit close to home. Herstory is not so different than my own cat’s.

Scroll down to find out what happened to Kitty, the misbehaving cat, and then watch the video to see herin action!

[H/T: Daily Mail]


Kitty the cat is a bit of a troublemaker. No one can deny that.

She’s constantly tearing into things and getting stuck in unusual places.

Some cats are docile and keep to themselves. Kitty is not that cat.

Kitty’s antics landed herin a few different households five to be exact.

Every time a new foster parent would take herin, they realized they couldn’t handle hercrazy behavior and pushed heron to someone else.

Finally, Kitty arrived to hersixth and final home.

Hernew owner happened to love herquirky ways and began snapping photos of all the mischief she got herself into.

Kitty’s owner started an Instagrampage for her, knowing there were probably plenty of cat owners out there that could relate with Kitty’s funny behavior.

Kitty’s owner was absolutely right.

It didn’t take much time at all before Kitty had thousands of fans on herpage.

Judging from the comments on each photo, there are plenty of cat parents out there that can identify with Kitty’s nonsense.

Not all pets are going to be perfect.

Some animals are calm, and others like to run around and get into as much trouble as they can.

It’s our responsibility, as pet owners, to give them the love and patience they deserve.

After all, we’re the ones that opened our homes to them in the first place!

Clearly, Kitty the cat is very loved by herforever human in hernew forever home and that’s the way it will stay.

Be sure to watch the video below to see Kitty in action!

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