Two Blind Cat Brothers Have Battled The Odds Together

Sometimes stray animals travel in pairs, or even groups.

Though they may be facing horrible odds out in the wild, animals will stay connected with one anothereven if traveling alone would be easier.

Lost, abandoned, or abused pets have defied the odds with their friends, siblings, and even 10 newborn babies!

But these two particular kittens stuck together through even more adversity than normal.

At only three weeks old, this pair of brothers ended up in a woman’s backyard. They were eventually taken into a shelter after she determined that she wouldn’t be able to take care of them, because the two adorablebrothers areblind.

Having eye defects was hard for the two cats who struggled through abandonmentand surgery. But the duo managed to survive through the oddsand stick with each other the entire time.

Their bond helps prove that our animal friends care just as deeply as we do about the ones that they love.

Scroll through below for a look at these incredible brother cats and how they have overcome the odds!

[H/T: The Dodo]


Little Stevie and Isaac were found in a woman’s backyard in Sydney, Australia.

The woman began gingerly feeding and taking care of them, but couldn’t help noticing that there was something wrong with their eyes.

When she took them to the vet, she learned the truly unfortunate newsboth of the brothers areblind.

Unable to care properly care for the blind cats, she reached out to many different animal shelters, all of whom turned down the pair.

Though they were at complete capacity,Inner City Strayswas kind enough to take the two in.

“We just knew we had to take the twins immediately,” co-founderDiana DammerytoldThe Dodo.

“We didn’t care how much they were going to cost us; we just couldn’t turn our backs on them.”

After concluding that both of the kitties suffer fromcongenital eye defects, theyhad to undergo surgery to avoid infection.

Stevie needed to have both of his eyes removed and Isaac, whose eyelids didn’t work, had to have them created byanophthalmologist.

Though they had to faceconsiderable strife and surgery at a young age, the brothers stuck with each other through the process.

Stevie even relies on Isaac, who is only blind in one eye, to help orient him when he is feeling wobbly and confused.

Since recovering from their surgeries, the cats are much more lively and they love playing with their toys and tunnels.

Dammery even claims that at timesit is difficult to tell they are even blind!

The cats’ painful but prosperous journey to the shelter proves that bloodor furis thicker than water.

The brothers overcame abandonment and blindness to live out healthy, happy lives together.

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