U.S. Airports Are Using Therapy Pets And Musicians To Soothe Stressed Passengers

There’s nothing more tedious than standing in line at the airport, whether it’s to check in your luggage or to go through security. Although all these measures are in place for our convenience and safety, we grumble through the process, wishing wecould swiftly arrive at our destinations. Withall the preparations for travel, it’s no wonder that we’re stressed and unhappy during our flights. And if there are delays or cancellations? Forget about it!

But in airports all across the United States, strange sights are appearing. In some cases, packs of fluffy dogs appear, or maybe it’s a mini horse. You may hear a musician playing in the background. Or you may even witness a makeshift circus in the waiting area!

It’s not by coincidence that you are seeing these sights. Therapy animals and performers are now more frequently being brought to airports to appease and soothe reasonably stressed travelers. And they may not realize it, but these appearances are making a difference in their travel. They definitely look happier and more at ease after petting a puppy or two!

Now watch the clip to see if you recognize any of these fantastic scenes from your time spent at the airport.

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