VIDEO: Angelina Jolie Just Bought an 8-ft Bear From 2 Brothers & They Had No Clue It Was Her!

They stood out there for over an hour getting sunburnt and discouraged. That’s when Angelina Jolie’s Cadillac rolled up…

So it’s not every day that Angelina Jolie pulls over to the side of the street to buy a teddy bearbut when she does, she apparently goes big, 8 1/2 feet BIG.

Two brothers, Allen and Brandon, were out on the side of the road trying to sell their monster of a stuffed bear, “AG.” According to a YouTube video their father made, the boys loved AG and even used to sleep on him. But they all knew it was time for AG to go, and Tim wanted to teach his sons a little lesson in entrepreneurship.

Allen and Brandon sat on the roadsidein Toluca Lake, California, for about an hour, and nobody so much as slowed down to place an offer on good ol’ AG sitting loud &proudin his big blue couch.




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