Villains Of The Star Wars Universe Pose With Pets Available For Adoption In Ottawa

In everyStar Warsmovie, the dark side of the Force is represented by a host of creepy characters skulking around the scenes. Stormtroopers, Tusken Raiders, and Imperial spy Garindan all did their best to thwart the Rebel Alliance on-screen, but here, we see them put their evil Empire alliances aside for this amazing act of kindness.

Volunteers from the 501st Legion, a community of the films’ super-fans, dressed up in their best bad guy attire to pose with adorable dogs, cats, rabbits, and hamsters at the Ottawa Humane Society in Canada. Though the characters may have little sympathy for anyone but themselves, this crew clearly has big hearts hiding underneath their uniforms. The shelter has previously used a similar attention-grabbing photo series to promote their adoptable animals, but nothing quite as impressive as the impact these galactic guest stars provide.

With the newest installment of the franchise at the top of the box office charts, where it will likely stay for months to come, everyone seems to be taking advantage of using the sci-fi theme for their own endeavors. Thesesilly photos shine a bit brighter with their amazing message. Hopefully some of the fanslining up at the theater will see these sweet faces and offer them the forever home they deserve!

Just imagine how awesome it will be to tell your new fur baby, “I am your father,” with this story to go along with it! Check out the Ottawa Humane Society’s Facebook page for more info on adopting a cutie for yourself.

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