Watch How This Insanely Clever Orca Catches A Bird

Its a common piece of information that animals hunt, but have you ever seen one use this type of strategy to get their next meal?

This video features an orca using the food already given to it in order to lure in some unsuspecting birds. Could you imagine thinking youre about to get a free meal, only to have it be used against you?

Carefully, the bird heads toward the fish presented by the whale, and as soon as it gets close enough the orcas hunting instincts serve it well, rushing out of the water to snatch up the bird thats now attempting to flee. It didnt stand a chance. Damn Mother Nature, you crazy!

For years an argument in favor of these beautiful creatures states that theyre too intelligent for captivity, with a brain to weight scale 2.5 times higher than most other animals basically theyve got the same intelligence level as a chimp. Thats if you go off that particular scale however, as more than a handful of scientists believe that following this scale may not be relative to the larger sea creatures, since the orca is smarter!

Some have even gone as far as to ask for non-human persons status for the orcas, which would further protect them beyond the general animal rights. In short, they would no longer be legally captured or detained. With more and more research coming out since 2006 on the intelligence level of these animals not to mention the movie Free Willy I couldnt exactly blame the people calling for the animals release. Captivity has even been shown to cause psychological effects on them, so they do in fact feel emotion.

Regardless of which side of the fence youre on, one thing we can all agree on is that these are amazing animals. They hunt, they lay traps, and they just look pretty cool overall!

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