Weird Girl Explains Why Women Should Have Sex With Dogs

Do you remember in sex education when the teacher was informing you about how to practice safe sex to avoid pregnancy or STDs, and then said if you really want to be safe then the best thing to do is just have sex with your dog? No, nor do I, but this seems to be the screwed up advice that this girl is offering.

It has to be fake, right? Surely this girl is tolling us. We hope so, but it’s kind of hard to tell. She nonchalantly reels of the ten reasons why you should have sex with a caninewhilst giggling and stroking her dog.

Reasons include it being legal in some states, it’s convenient, it’s safe, and it’s been happening for hundreds of years. To top it all of she says that dogs don’t complain. Seriously, she has to be trolling us.

Someone please buy her a vibrator for Christmas.



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