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We’ve All Face Swapped With Our Pets, But He Just Changed The Snapchat Game

Face swaps are all the rage right now. While it’s a little exhausting to see everyone bombarding Snapchat with their not-so-funny takes on the trend, some people go above and beyond the call of duty to pull off the most epic swaps of all time.

And a man named Jake Marshall is one of those people. As he was strolling through the British Museum in London, he had an idea. What he captured through everyone’s favorite filter is actually pretty impressive.

Rock that curly wig!

Sphinx swaps are the best.

The statue looks better with facial hair, anyway.

I think he might want to visit a dermatologist.

Those ears are a little unfortunate.

Look at that bust, baby!

I’m officially freaked out.

He encourages Egyptian busts to stop looking so serious. What a guy!

Why are you screaming?! Why?

Sick hat, man.

Well, this is pretty awful.

(via Bored Panda)

While face swapping with our friends is entertaining, the trend has pretty much been beaten to death. Did this inspire you to step your Snapchat game up? It certainly had that effect on me!


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