When A Snail Loves Two Cats And Two Cats Love A Snail

As a society, we sometimes focus too much on the chaos of the animal kingdom. Yes, there’s lots of animals hunting and eating other animals for food, but what about the gentler aspects of nature. What about friendship? Today we examine one such friendship, between an adorable snail and two peaceful cats.

First, let’s address this chill snail. There it sits, just hanging out with these cats, looking at the world outside its shell and liking what it sees. This snail has the friendly disposition of a Disney character. Nothing phases it. Even a kiss from a cat.

Then you have these two peace loving cats. One sits with the snail hanging out on its paw, giving gentle licks to its feline partner who seems slightly perplexed that the snail doesn’t want to sit on him. It’s cool; the other cat knows how to show his affection for the snail. Soft, little kisses. We don’t exactly understand how this friendship came to be, but we’re thrilled it exists.

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