When Couples 8 Dogs Want To Sleep With Them, They Decide To Build A Bigger Bed

Chris and Mariesa Hughes, a couple living in upstate New York, have a passion for dogs.

In fact their love is so great, that not only do they runan organization placing senior dogs in foster home, calledthetheMr. Mo Project, they alsohave eight rescued dogs of their own!

The couple lovessharing their home with their beloved pets, but they often find their space a little crowded when the dogs want to sleep with them, in their bed. After all, in a bed only made to accommodate two people, it’s certainly a tight fit with their eight furry friends.

So the couple came up with an idea: what if they made their bed bigger? As in, much, much bigger?

The drew up plans to have a new bed constructed to fulfill their needs, and the needs of their dogs, someof whom are quite large or in their older age.

The result is simply genius, and scroll down to see it for yourself!

Chris and Mariesa love their eight rescued dogs, most of whom are quite large.

The couple, while they love sharing their space with their pets, often find themselves pushed off their own bed, and sleeping on the couch.

So they came up with a brilliant solution.

Instead of kicking the animals out or making them sleep on the floor, they decided to make a much bigger bed.

After a few weeks, the couple unveiled the finished product.

It is about 14 feet long, and 7 feet wide. The headboard alone is 6 feet tall!

It’s made out of two mattresses: a king-sized one placed above a full-sized one turned sideways.

It also includes a set of stairs to allow senior dogs climb in with the couple, and drawers for storage.

Indeed, the dogs looks very comfy in the new bed.

We’re sure it’s a huge relief for the dog lovers, who can now look forward to a good night’s rest!

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