Wildlife Park Offers To Take Polar Bear Out Of Horrific Aquarium Home Under One Condition

A little while back, a sad polar bear was recorded in his ‘home’ inside an aquarium.

He was visibly upsetand looked lifeless while he laid alone.

This polarbear, Pizza, lays inside a shopping center as an attraction in part of the Grandview Aquarium in China. But, after people saw the heartbreaking video of him alone, depressed and in such horrific conditions, a petition was formed.

An Animal Rights group, Animal Asia, is now trying to get the entire aquarium shut down, including Pizza’s saddening enclosure.

Over 250,000 people have signed the petition, and they are constantly making progress in order to get any animals within this aquarium out of harm’s way and harsh living conditions.

Even better, the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in England is willing to take Pizza into their custody and give him the life he deserves.

All under one condition, the Grandview does not replace Pizza with any other animal.

This is a sad sight to see, and hopefully, will never be seen again.

Here is Pizza, the polar bear, in the video that originally got international attention.

His solitary, depressing living situation at the Grandview aquarium, will hopefully be changed soon.

If Animal Asia and it’s petition to save Pizza from his conditions get what they want, he’ll be diving into waters like this other polar bear soon.

The Yorkshire Wildlife Park has wildlife of all kinds, including many polar bears that Pizza can befriend.

The park is 70 acreslarge, for all of the animals to roam, explore, and play.

It is the UK’s number one Wildlife Walkthrough Adventure, with caretakers that do what they’re supposed to do with their animals. Care for them.

If Pizza gets out and reaches the ideal destination, he will have social opportunities.

He’ll have so much area to explore and get the exercise he needs.

He’ll even get the food and bed, that he so rightfully deserves.

No animal deserves to be confined the way Pizza is.

No animal deserves anything less than love and opportunity.

After the heartbreaking video below was exposed, Pizza is now getting the chance to have that love and opportunity he should have had in the first place.

Hopefully the next news we hear about Pizza will be the good news.

The news that he’s shaking off his old home, and diving into the new one.

All of these beautiful photos of the polar bears already at Yorkshire Wildlife Park prove that he’ll be more than happy there.

If you agree and want to help Pizza, sign the petition here!

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