Woman Uses Snakes And Other Strange Critters As Therapy Pets For Seniors

Therapy animals can come in all shapes and forms, although they tend to be the cute and cuddly furry friends like dogs and cats. But occasionally, we see some peculiar animals comfort humans old and young, proving that there is no wrong animal to have as a therapy pet. This woman’s pet turkey was there for her after her husband’s death, and this therapy kangaroo brings joy toveterans!

But slithery and sometimes slimy critters deserve a little love, too. Many people might believe they would make unusual therapy animals, but one woman is changing that by bringing these slippery creatures into a senior home and educating the residents about these interesting animals.

Pamela brings these seniors little “gifts” wrapped up in pillow cases, but when she reaches in, you’ll probably be shocked by what she pulls out in each “bag” is a snake!

They’re harmless, and some are even cute! The seniors aren’t afraid to be approached by a handler with a snake in hand. Many are simply curious, if not thrilled to be near such fascinating creatures.

Snakes aren’t the only animals Pamela brings to the senior home. Watch the clip to find out more about these unusual therapy pets!


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