Young Girl Helps 42 Dogs Get Adopted In One Day

Most kids are psyched to get an allowance or birthday money, but Emmy Perry had another plan in mind for her earnings. With a huge heart and compassion for animals, Perry decided that she wanted to help dogs who were in need of a home and a loving family.

At just 7years old, Perry founded nonprofit, Emmys Hope to rescue dogs at OC Animal Care in Orange County. While most kids are playing, Perry (now 11 years old) dedicates her time volunteering at the shelter on the weekends along with her hard-earned money and plenty of hugs and kisses!

Perrys work is mirrored by the efforts of other dedicated dog lovers, such as the folks behind the Mr. Mo Project that gives senior dogs a loving home and the East Bay SPCA that shows their shelter dogs a good time with funky music (Oaktown Pup, a song they made based on Bruno Mars hit, Uptown Funk.)

Dedicated to her mission of saving animals, one heart at a time, Perry was especially drawn to one furry little fella named Fox with whom she shares a very special bond. At the same time, Perry was fearful that Fox may be put down if he wasnt adopted in time.

But as fate would have it, Perry was in for a wonderful surprise. Fox and many other adorable pooches got a second chance at life.

Kleenex brand teamed up with Emmys Hope and OC Animal Care to organize a large-scale adoption event in Perrys honor and the results were incredible. Forty-two dogs were adopted in just one day!

Whats the most rewarding part for Perry?

Seeing them (especially Fox) get adopted and them being loved by their new family, she said.


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