14 Of The Weirdest Animals Found In No Mans Sky

No man’s sky is the phenomenon currently taking over the gaming world. Your basically given a whole universe to explore and countless things to find. And that’s no exaggeration, there are trillions of planet-sized planets in the game.

So far, there have already been more animals discovered by the players of this game than in real life on Earth and, whilst some of them are crazy cool, some are pretty odd…

1. It’s like if your favourite teddy bear came alive but not in a Ted way, more of a Chucky way…

2. Look at this dick head…

3. He looks delighted to have been discovered!

4. The top half of a burger bun with worms for legs.

5. Physics.

6. It’s either eating a melon in a really weird wayorits headis a melon..?

7. I don’t even know.

8. It’s a tree?

9. Sonic

10. No thanks

11. Ah yes, the exposed brain crabtopus

12. It’s like a pissed off fish head on the body of a bellsprout

13. God it has the face of aporcelaindoll

14. Are… are it’s teeth on the outside?


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