20 Big Dogs Playing With Their Tiny Human Siblings

Kids and animals are always ridiculously cute when they get together, but there’s something extra-special about kids hanging out with big dogs. They never seem to notice how much larger they are — they just want to play!

Some people balk at the idea of getting a big dog, but they are some of the sweetest canines you will ever meet. If you’ve been lucky enough to have one, you already know that their hearts are just as ginormous as their bodies.

Don’t believe me? Check out these 20 huge dogs playing with their tiny human siblings. It’s clear to see that there’s no friend quite like a big dog!

1. From the very first moment, the relationship between a big dog and tiny human is a joy to behold.

2. Before long, they start acting alike!

3. Learning to walk and talk is a lot more fun with a big dog around.

Source: http://www.viralnova.com

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