26 Ridiculously Cute Before And After Photos Of Dogs Growing Up

Man’s best friend. We all know and love a dog somewhere down the line and, if you don’t have one, you’re constantly jealous of your friends that do.

And the great thing about dogs is that they’re lovely at every age. The whole time you have them, they love you and you love them.

Here’s to dogs and their loving ways. Keep on trucking, you fantastic mutts!

1. It still doesn’t look like it’s used to standing on backs…

2. The dog grew into a legendary pokemon!

3. Always there to take up bed space

4.It’s got a look on it’s face like when you tell a kid he’s too old to play with lego…

5. It learned how to smile!

6. That’s one photogenic dog

7. Still looks grumpy

8. Awww

9. It looks like it hates that now

10. Nice bow tie

11. No it’s sad that it can’t fit any more!

12. At least it’s not tired any more…

13. Arty

14. How’d it get in there?

15. Love the grin

16.This one’s far too emotional

17. Impressive

18. Army rescue pup

19. That guy looks progressively more happy to have his dog

20. It’s grown to know when it’s being watched

21. What type of dog is that?!

22. I bet that the dog ruined that chair

23. Happier with age

24. Humans grow too?!

25. That dog hasn’t even aged

26. Can huskies control their tongues?

Is it us or did they get a little melancholy? Dogs are great. Really really great.

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