Adorable Baby Clothes Are Transformed Into Personalized Keepsake Bears

Watching your kids grow up is wonderful, but for many parents, seeing the passage of time so clearly can be a little bittersweet.

Of course, watching them grow and experience newthings is exciting, but holding onto the memories of their babyhood is also important.

So instead of snapping a million photos, why not create something truly personal that will last for years maybe even generations!

Artists and crafters on Etsy are helping parents and grandparents preserve memories of babyhood by turning babies’ belongings into one-of-a-kind works of art.

We’ve seen artists turn kids’ doodles into stunning pieces of personalized jewelry, but maybe you’d like something a little cuddlier that a baby can appreciate, too!

That’s where Memory Bears come in.

Made from onesies and blankets that have become too small, or too worn to donate, these handcrafted plush toys hold special memories for parents and children alike, and can be enjoyed for years. They can even be passed down to the next generation for even more snuggles, too!

Check out some of the many Memory Bears (and other animals, too) that you can find on Etsy. And if you’re crafty, you can even try your hand at this yourself!


This cuddly onesie is cute enough on its own, but babies grow quickly.

We always advocate donating gently used baby clothes to babies in need, but if you have one that holds special memories, there’s something else you can do…

They can be turned into adorable stuffed animals!

The bears are custom-made using a garment or blanket of the customer’s choice, so no two are ever alike. This bear even incorporates the little dino feet from the original onesie.

The bears can be made using clothing of any size, and these onesies with the feet are the most common, since many of them are fleece and make great “fur” for a stuffed bear.

Each artist has their own unique style and approach to creating the bears, too, so you’ll see a variety of faces and body shapes, but they’re all very sweet! This style features jointed limbs so the bear can be posed.

The bears are a great way to preserve a favorite garment, like this pretty floral one, and also serve as a great memory of babyhood days.

Customers can also create bears using more than one garment, usually if the garments are very small and they want a larger bear. They can also select custom colors for the faces and details.

And because baby clothing is made of soft, cuddly fabric, you’re guaranteed a soft, cuddly bear that a child can play with and treasure for years.

And when they get even older, the now grown-up babies can even pass these along to their own children, or keep them as childhood treasures.

Many artists also use the feet of the onesies for the feet of the bear. Because honestly, those little feet areadorable.

Many artists will also incorporate the decorations that gavetheonesie its character and made it memorable.

Of course, a Memory Bear doesn’t always have to be a bear. Any animal can be created out of the fabric, like this plump whale…

Bunnies are a popular choice, too.

And while they might outgrow the need for a blanket, a cute new toy can be enjoyed for years!

You can see many more examples of Memory Bears (and other animals) on Etsy.

If you have kids or grandkids who are growing up too quickly, check out this unique way of celebrating their babyhood.

And don’t forget toSHAREthis great idea with all the parents and grandparents you know!

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