An Old Dog Hilariously Avoids The Love Of A Tiny Baby

When you bring a new baby into a home with any dog, you’re going to have to get the two used to each other before you let them play together.

Sometimes dogs are incredibly kind, caring, gentle, and friendly with the new additions to the family. They immediately become the very best of friends, and never leave each other’s side.

Other times, though, your pup won’t be as friendly. In these cases, you need to very, very slowly introduce the baby to the dog until they warm up to each other. Sometimes, they’ll eventually become friends, as some pups are stubborn and resistant to change.

When this old pooch met the new baby in his household, he wasn’t rough or mean to him. However, he also wasn’t all too keen on him, either.

As the friendly, curious child crawls toward the cute pup, the dog seems pretty indifferent. When the kid gets too close, though? Clearly this child is not a natural born babysitter.

I know some people like this dog, don’t you? They’d rather just be left alone to their own devices, rather than be bothered by a drooling baby.

Maybe he was just having an off day, or maybe he really doesn’t like him. Either way, I’m sure this little one will find plenty of other animal friends in his years to come!


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