Animal Activist Saves 1000 Dogs From The Yulin Dog Meat Festival

The Yulin dog meat festival occurs every year at the beginning of the summer solstice in China, as the belief that eating dog meat will help one’s body to cope with the heat presides.

Over the ten-day course of the controversial festival, 10,000 dogs are expected to be slaughtered and eaten. Although around 15 million dogs are killed a year for food in China, it’s the Yulin festival that riles up animal activists the most.

Activists such as America Marc Ching who travelled to China for the festival to try and save as many dogs as possible…

As his Facebook page would have it, as of last night, he and his accomplice, Valarie Ianniello, managed to save over 1000 dogs so far.

Amongst his methods, he buys the dogs from the slaughterhouses and then ships them to America for rehabilitation. He also persuades people to stop working in that trade as well as helping them set up new businesses. He says that many are in it purely for the money and not the tradition.

Having said that, Marc doesn’t always come across such amicable people and, every now and then, they act violently against him…

It’s not just Marc, either – Animal activists from China have been getting involved left, right and centre and, with the pressure on the state, authorities have dissociated themselves with the festival completely.

Nevertheless, organisers of the festival are still aiming to restore it to its former glory. Here’s to hoping that doesn’t happen…

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