Anonymous Is Now Hacking A Country Because They Kill Whales

Iceland is a pretty great country to be honest. They have waterfalls, lagoons, and the Northern Lights…

Their literacy rate is 99%, the sun never sets (at least not in summer) and they have a handy app to make sure no-one inadvertently commits incest.

You would think that hacker group Anonymous would approve of Iceland – what with their liberal stance on refugee quotas, and their informative penis museums – but the hactivists have declared cyber war on the tiny island nation.

Why? They disapprove of Iceland’s whaling policies.

In a video posted online, Anonymous said:

“Whales do not have a voice. We will be a voice for them. Its time to speak out about this impending extinction of a species. Its time to let Iceland know we will not stand by and watch as they drive this animal to extinction.”

Whaling is frowned on internationally (to say the least), but along with Norway and Japan, Iceland continues to hunt whales for their meat.

Just when we thought there wasn’t a single blemish on this volcano-garnished, hot-spring adorned, incest-free paradise!

Anonymous have called for a boycott on Icelandic products, and have already shut down at least five of their government’s websites, vowing to expose the cruel practices involved in whaling.

You can watch Anonymous declare war on Iceland – liberal, beautiful – yet whale murdering Iceland – here:



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