Dogs Arent Allowed On The Subway Unless Theyre In A Carrier. These Guys Found A Loophole

So dogs have been banned on the New York subway… well, not all dogs. The dogs that have been banned are the ones that matter. Basically, you can’t bring a dog onto the train with you unless it’s carry-able within a bag. You know the sort I mean…

Yeah. Not real dogs, really.

Luckily, some people have found glorious exceptions to the rules and they really deserve our commendation…

1. It’s not often you see shame in a dog’s eyes.

2. This one just looks like he’s ready to have a bash up

3. Do you think the bags are empty other than the dogs? Like is there a tin of vaseline and a twix in there too?

4. Now that’s what you want to see. Delighted.

5. The guy looks embarrassed like it was the dog’s idea…

6. I’m not convinced there’s a whole dog in there.

7. This one seems like cheating. Mind you, carrying two beagles seems a little heavy-handed… literally.

8. …Not sure I know this breed?


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