Ever Wondered What Animals Look Like With Forward Facing Eyes? You Can Stop Now

So one of humanity’s (and most great apes in general) big turning points in evolution was when our eyes started facing forwards. I’m not particularly sure why and I think it would be fun to see what we’d look like with eyes on the side of our faces. That’s why I’m not in charge of species genetics… probably.

But what would it look like if other animals had eyes facing forward? It’s an odd question, I know, but I had to find a way to link the intro into the actual content… just have a look below, courtesy of imgur.

1. Birds

2. Chicken (a form of bird)

3. Cows

4. Deer

5. Dolphins

6. The same dolphin… or a different one. I’m not beingprejudicedor anything, saying that all dolphins look alike. It was an honest mistake.

7. A lovely giraffe

8. Goats

9. A seagull (also a form of bird… I should have thought this through)

10. Christ another bird. A Pigeon, everybody

11. A good, honest rabbit.

12. An instantly less menacing shark.

I mean, this is basically what Pixar do for every animal but, for some reason, these look less real.

Disney Pixar

Anyway, what do you think? Let us know in the comments!


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