Lion Tries To Eat A Kid At The Zoo

There’s something pretty eerie about watching a lion stalk its prey, and it gets even eerier when that prey is a cute little boy in a yellow raincoat.

A video has made its way online of just that, a little boy visiting the zoo and when he turns his back, the lion reminds us what would happen if we got to see him in real life out in the wild somewhere (clue: we wouldn’t win).

The video has been shared widely across the internet,with many making link to the recent shooting of Harambe. What I will say aboutthis Japanese zoo, is that they’ve really mastered the whole ‘zoo’ thing – in so much as the kids can’t get into the enclosure, and the lion can’t get out. Bravo.

Check out the clip here:

This video is a stark reminder that despite us humans keeping them in zoos, these animals will always be wild.

And also that little kidscan be super chill, even when a lion is trying to eat them. Cool guy.

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