Man Buries His Cat, Only For It To Wander Back Into The Kitchen A Few Hours Later

In what must have been a particularly strange day, a local councillor buried his dead cat, only to have it turn up in his kitchen a couple of hours later.

(And no, this isn’t the start of some felinezombie apocalypse).

The story started as Matt Strong took to Twitter to share the sad news that his cat, Gus, had been killed in a hit and run accident:

But, as Matt would soon learn, the cat killed wasn’t Gus. Gus, along with his brother Ralph, wandered home, into thekitchen, just a couple of hours afterMatt had‘buried him’.

Probablythrilled that his cat was alive, and not buried in the garden, Matt did have one problem. As he pointed out on his Facebook page:

“Unfortunately this means I have someone’s dead cat buried in my garden.”

Pretty nobly, Matt decided that the cat’s body belonged with its owners, and so just a couple of hours after he had buriedit, he found himself digging up the grave, and taking the cat to a local vet.

This strange story has a happy ending for Gus and Matt, but our thoughts are with the family whose pet was killed today.

Image Credit: i100


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