Meet The Guys Who Just Want To Live Their Lives As Puppies

It takes all sorts to fill a world. I once met a man that put his milk in first when making a cup of tea. That was pretty wild but, oddly, it seems impossibly tame when you compare it topuppy play.

What’s puppy play? Puppy play is when men dress themselves up in weird, full-bodied latex puppy outfits to fulfil some sort of fetish (although it’s not always sexual) and have people literally treat them like dogs – walk, treats, etc…

It’s been around for a while, I even met a few a while back…

It’s weird. They seriously don’t drop the act.

But why are people only interested in it now? Well, Channel 4 have made a documentary on it (as they often do with this kind of thing) and they’re offering a whole new and deeper insight into it…

Puppies can even find their respective handlers on message boards and forums today which is… nice? And whilst you might think these guys just put on their latex suits and go shagging in them, you’re only half right. Whilst some “puppies” do that, some are just lookingto find their identity.

The Guardian spoke to one pup who had a pretty deep tale (tail) to tell…

Toms discovery of puppy play came about gradually. He knew he liked sleeping in a collar, had a fetish for skin-tight clothing Lycra, rubber, even off-the-peg cycling shorts then came a dalmatian zentai suit he found on eBay, a 1 orange lead from Pets at Home until, eventually, a man in a club walked up to him and said: Oh right, so youre a pup. The realisation was not without its repercussions: it led to a breakup with his former fiancee Rachel and a move into a gay relationship with his new handler. Colin.

I wouldnt say it was the catalyst, but it was the straw that broke the camels back, says Tom. Then I had this moment of panic because a puppy without a collar is a stray; they dont have anyone to look after them. I started chatting to Colin online and he offered to look after me. Its a sad thing to say, but theres not love from the heart in me for Colin but what I have got is someone who is there for me and Im happy with that.

As they would have it, the main attraction to being a puppy is the emotional freedom. You’re able to connect with (willing) people on a far simpler level and, if you do have a (willing) handler, you really don’t have many cares to worry about.

Obviously, for some, there is a huge sexual element. Puppy Play is a sub-genre of BDSM, after all.

The thing is, if you want to dress up as a puppy, fill your boots. Nothing’s stopping you, be a little friendly dog if that’s what takes your fancy but… why latex? Why not some lovely, soft, furry number? In my whole life I’ve only ever seen one latex dog and I’m pretty sure that was inanimate…

Holly and Phil met one on This Morning, have a look!

Anyway, what do you think? Let us know in the comments!


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