More than dozen exotic animals living in unacceptable conditions at Nevada home

 (Nye County Sheriff’s Office)

Authorities in Nevada were investigating a possible case of animal cruelty Wednesday after reports of exotic animals living in unacceptable conditions.

Nye County sheriffs deputies and Nevada Division of Wildlife officers converged on a home in Pahrump and found several lions, tigers and an illegal species of fox at the house, according to Fox 5 Vegas.

Officials found animals locked in bedrooms with urine and feces on the walls and floors. Deputies also found a Canadian Siberian lynx, which doesnt need a permit in Nye County, and a Fennec fox, which is a violation of state code to have.

Authorities said in total they found 15 animals in total: 8 Canadian Siberian lynx hybrid cats, 2 African lionesses, an African lion, a Bengal tiger, a black panther, a Fennec fox and a cervel caracal hybrid cat.

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