Single Guy Amazingly Recreates Sisters Family Photos With A Cat

You know what it’s like when you’re steadily ageing and all your friends around you are getting real jobs and their own families and stuff, and you’re there thinking you’re doing well in life because you managed to get tickets to the new Star Wars film?

I don’t. I have that Benjamin Button thing (I did manage to get Star Wars tickets though… playyaaaaa). But this guy does!

Well sort of… it’s his sister that’s being all grown up and proper but, you know, same thing.

Gordy Yates is 28-years-old and he’s alive and everything… but that’s like it. His twin sister, Meredith, is also 28 (obviously) and she’s a mother of two (kids).

Speaking in his blog, Gordy said:

“Im the worst brother because I never get her anything for her birthday. Generally, I dont get someone a birthday present if they live far away, so I usually dont get her ANYTHING even though she always gets me something.”

So he decided to do something different…

He started by copying her wearing funky trousers and chilling with white cars but the real magic is when he gets a cat involved…

He told Babble he asked around for someone who’d let him borrow theircat, “which wasnt weird at all since Im new to the area and am just getting to know people.”

He went on to say how cats and kids are pretty similar…

They both like to eat off of and crawl on the floor, they both like to bite me, theyre both really small, theyre both really hard to control, and I cant give birth to either of them,”



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