Christian ‘Prophet’ Almost Eaten By Lion In Stunt Gone Wrong

A self-styled Christian prophet reportedly tried to prove himself by charging lions at Kruger National Park in South Africa, under the belief that God would intervene. 

Instead of being prevented from attacking Alec Ndiwane, one of the lions tore a piece out of his rear end. 

Ndiwane is expected to recover. 

According to South Africa’s Daily Post newspaper, Ndiwane and members of his church were recently driving by a pack of lions eating an impala. Ndiwane went into a trance, began speaking in tongues, jumped out of the vehicle and ran towards the pack.

The lions charged. 

Ndiwane quickly high-tailed it back to the vehicle, but before he could reach safety, one of the lions swatted at him with a clawed paw and slashed his butt.

I do not know what came over me,” Ndiwane told the Daily Post. “I thought the Lord wanted to use me to show his power over animals. Is it not we were given dominion over all creatures of the earth.”

The newspaper reported that Ndiwane feared he would lose his left buttock, but emergency surgery saved his rear end. 

The event was reminiscent of a 1991 incident in which a self-styled prophet in Nigeria jumped into a lion enclosure at the Ibadan Zoo, where he chanted and spoke in tongues and was eaten by the animals.


These Lions Turn Into Giant Kittens Whenever This Toy Comes Out!

They might not look it, but lions are really just big kittens at heart. Don’t believe us?

Well, these females at the Oregon Zoo are about to show you.

While they generally spend their days lazing around (sound familiar?), being fed at the same time, and never fearing for their safety, these beautiful lions still crave a little wild adventure now and then. In an effort to keep them alert and agile, workers at the zoo came up with a fun toy that plays on their feline instincts.

The fact that lions weigh in at over 250 pounds and can leap that far into the air proves Mother Nature wasn’t messing around when she created these amazing predators.

I guess they’re a little different from kittens after all…


Bear, Lion And Tiger Brothers Havent Left Each Others Side For 15 Years

We’ve seen a lot of unlikely animals friendships here at Bored Panda. Dogs and elephants. Cats and foxes. Even giraffes and ostriches. However, nothing comes close to seeing an American black bear, an African lion and a Bengal tiger living together in harmony. That one really takes some beating.

Baloo the bear, Leo the lion and Shere Khan the tiger have spent the last 15 years peacefully coexisting at Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter in Georgia. Known as the BLT, they were rescued in 2001 from the basement of a house in Atlanta during a police drug raid. They were kept in the basement in terrible conditions, and Baloo had to have surgery to remove an ingrowing harness that hadn’t been adjusted as he’d grown. That was the only time the trio have ever been separated however, and they’ve spent every happy day together since.

Baloo the bear, Leo the lion and Shere Khan the tiger have spent the last 15 years peacefully coexisting at Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter in Georgia

They started life in a terrible way but they now live together in happy retirement