These Are The Most Lifelike Balloon Animals Youll Ever See Ever.

If you asked me to make a balloon animal right now, I’d ask you what you were doing in my office. I’d then give it a go (always trying to please) but then fail miserably.

UnlikeMasayoshi Matsumoto. The 26-year-old chemical engineer is a self-taught balloon artist who makes crazy-intricate animals out of the rubbery joy (that has to be the weirdest way to say balloons ever… short of glorified condoms).


Anyway, have a look and bear in mind that I’m no David Attenborough – my captions will NOT be 100% accurate…

1. A baboon

2. So I thought this one was a baboon until I saw the other one so, I don’t know, really. Some kind of monkey, perhaps?

3. A bull standing on several starfish

4. A pokmon

5. A dove with an egg cracked on top of it

6. One of the things they eat on I’m a Celebrity

7. Mr Krabs under a duvet

8. Bug sex

9. A corn on the cob that’s grown a head, legs and a tail.

10. A surprised, winged insect

11. I’ve been told this is an isopod

12. I know this one. A kingfisher. You’ve got Indian beer to thank for that.

13. A pissed of lightbulb

14. A phoenix. They’re not real, right?

15. Ssssnnaaaakkkee

16. A striped prick.

Check out all of his amazing work HERE


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