This Bird Has A Hilarious Tantrum When His Owners Wont Take Him For A Walk

All Eric the cockatoo wanted, was to go for a walk. Is that really too much to ask?

Unfortunately for him, on this particular rainy day it was. Stuck inside, cooped up, Eric was pretty annoyed. And he decided to show his annoyance by throwinga pretty impressive strop.

As his owner watches on, Eric rips the lid off a jar of money, and starts throwing coins all over the place. Squawking away, we’re not sure if this can actually be classed as a tantrum. It looks to us like Eric was just trying to ‘make it rain’.

Eric’s ‘tantrum’ (if that’s what we’re going to call it) lasts for about two minutes. The poor cockatoo, who just wanted to get some exercise, then calms down a bit. In any case, we’re totally on his side.

You can watch it all kick off here:

That’ll show them!


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