This Weird New Pet Brush Wants You To Lick Your Cat

Sometimes when I’m walking home from the train station, I’ll see a cat wandering about and I’ll have to compelling urge to lick it.

But I don’t want to get a load of hair on my tongue. Everyone knows that having hair stuck in the back of your throat is on par with being water-boarded in a Thai prison.

So what can people like me do? How are we going to live with not licking cats?

SALVATION! Someone’s invented a a tongue attachment thing that allows you to brush your cat (or dog? (or anything hairy…)) while licking them!

If you don’t believe me…

I mean… what’s the thought behind this? Brush your cat but look like someone who isn’t allowed within 100 yards of a pet shop at the same time?

And what a fantastic slogan they’ve came up with – “Licki Brush: Lick your cat”. It’s truly inspired. SOMEONE PROBABLY GOT PAID TO COME UP WITH THAT!

The product is still in its production stage and is apparently getting a kickstarter page in the very near future.


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