This Woman Believes That Shes In The Wrong Body, And Is Actually A Cat

20-year-old Nano can see in the dark, hisses whenever she sees a dog and likes to sleep on the windowsill, or in the sink.

She’s been trying to catch a mouse (although she hasn’t succeeded yet) and being in busy, public spaces can be stressful for her.

This is because Nano, in short, is a cat. Or at least, she believes she is.

She wears cat ears on a headband, as well as a fake tail, and although she’s largely adapted to human life, she prefers to walk on four legs, and communicate by meowing.

Nano believes she was born as a cat, and while her psychiatrist thinks she’ll grow out of this, Nano’s pretty adamant that she won’t. Although at one time, she was so much cat she’d forgotten how to be human – so couldn’t walk on two legs or eat with a knife and fork – she’s been working hard to behave like a person.

And she even has a cat friend. Although Svein is a human, he has a ‘cat personality’, and so can understand what Nano’s miaows mean.

You can check out a video of her talking about being a cat here:

To be honest, we do not know what to make of this. Anyone?


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